Frequently Asked Questions – Selling

Why can’t I sell a product immediately after I sign up?

The team manually reviews each new seller account to ensure that our buyers are purchasing from actual, registered HVAC&R businesses, or businesses with actual HVAC&R parts for sale. This is why we require your federal tax ID and state sales tax number. Usually, we approve accounts within one business day.

How do I list a product for sale?

We have a step-by-step tutorial of how to list a product, along with best practices, here.

What price should I ask for my product?

Ideally, we’d like to see you offer the product for at least half off the MSRP. But, that’s entirely up to you. We do advertise as having “half off or more” from MSRP, so the better price you list, the more chance you have of your product selling.

When/how do I get paid?

As a registered seller with a valid PayPal account, you will get paid once a month. This gives us time to make sure your item has been delivered to the customer and that any issues the customer may experience with the delivery have been taken care of.

How do I crop my photos?

There are many free tools available that allow you to crop a photo. You probably have a photo editor installed on your PC or Mac by default. A quick Google search will help you find the right tool for your PC.

If you’re using your smart phone, you can use your photo program to crop the photo. On an Android, edit the photo in Google Photos app. On an iPhone, edit the photo in the Photos app.

When do I ship my product?

You should ship your item as soon as it sells. As a contractor, you can understand how urgent it is to get the right part for your job as soon as possible.

You will receive an email with the details of how and where to ship your item as soon as it sells. This will contain the buyer’s shipping address and the shipping speed they have chosen.