Lennox iComfort S30 Ultra Smart Thermostat – 19V30 – Part # 106524-01 – iComfort S30 KIT 3.0


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This is a new, unopened Lennox icomfort S30 Ultra Smart Thermostat – 19V30 – Part # 106524-01 – iComfort S30 KIT 3.0. The thermostat is still in the original box and has never been opened, used, or installed.

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Lennox iComfort® S30 Ultra Smart Residential Communicating Control System

The iComfort® S30 Ultra Smart thermostat recognizes and connects to all iComfort® Communicating products to automatically configure and control the heating/cooling system (based on user-specified settings) for the highest level of comfort, performance and efficiency. Thermostat also recognizes model and serial number information for iComfort® Communicating products to simplify system setup

  • Advanced iComfort® controls in specific heating and cooling units and the PureAir™ S Air Purification System communicate information about various operating parameters to the thermostat to constantly maintain the most efficient operating conditions possible
  • Additional conventional (not iComfort® Communicating) indoor air quality comfort products (Healthy Climate® Humidifiers, Humiditrol® Enhanced Dehumidification Accessory, Healthy Climate® HRV/ERV Heat/Energy Recovery Ventilators, Fresh Air Damper, Healthy Climate® Germicidal Lights) can be added to the system for a complete total-comfort system
  • Conventional outdoor units (not iComfort® Communicating) can easily be added and controlled by the iComfort S30 Ultra-Smart thermostat
  • Conventional HVAC systems (not iComfort® Communicating) can be controlled by the iComfort S30 Ultra-Smart thermostat with the addition of the optional iComfort® Equipment Interface Module (EIM)
  • Optional iHarmony® Zoning System (for specific HVAC systems) allows wholehome zoning (up to 4 zones) with complete control from the iComfort S30 Ultra-Smart thermostat and individual In-Zone Thermostats
  • A simple easy-to-use touchscreen allows complete system configuration. Scheduled maintenance alerts, system warnings and troubleshooting are also displayed on thermostat screen
  • Up to four separate schedules are available plus Schedule IQ™
  • One-Touch Away Mode – A quick and easy way to set the cooling and heating setpoints while away
  • Smart Away™ – Schedule IQ™ uses geo-fencing technology to determine when the homeowner is within a predetermined distance from the home to operate the system when leaving, away and arriving
  • Weather-On-Demand – Live up-to-date weather data and seven-day forecasts
  • Easy to read 7 in. high definition color display (measured diagonally)
  • Installer setup screens allow quick and simple system configuration without a manual
  • Installer can also run tests on complete system or individual components for easy maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Service Dashboard features online real-time monitoring of installed iComfort systems
  • Serial communications bus (RSBus), with less wiring than a conventional heating/cooling system, allows system communication
  • Uses 4-wire standard thermostat wiring. We highly recommend using 18 – 22AWG shielded thermostat cable for communications terminals (I+ and I-) which will help eliminate any noise interference.
  • High Definition Color Display with Subbase, Smart Hub Controller, wallplate (for retrofit installations) furnished for easy installation