How to Create a Product Listing

Once your seller account has been approved, you may begin listing products on our website.

Begin by logging into your account.

1. Find the “Log In” Link at the top of any page.
2. Log into your account.

Once you have logged in, you will be taken to your Seller’s Dashboard. This dashboard gives you a quick look of how many products you have listed and how many have sold and are awaiting fulfillment.

3. Select the “Products” link in your dashboard.

From your Seller’s Dashboard, choose the “Products” tab on the left hand side.

Once you’ve clicked on the “Products” tab, you will see a list of your existing products (if you have any). If you have not listed any products, this screen will be somewhat blank. Either way, you will see a button labeled “Add New” at the top of the page. Click this “Add New” button to create a new product.

4. Click the “Add New” button to create a new product listing.

The first step in creating a new product for sale is to enter the product name. To make your product easily readable by search engines, we recommend you name your product like this:

[Brand] [Description] – [Model #]

For example:

Copeland Compressor – CRT5-0450-PFV-970

5. Enter the title of your product.

The Product Description comes after the product name. This should be a detailed description of the product. (You could possibly pull this text from the manufacturer’s website or product spec sheet.)

6. Enter a detailed product description.

Choose the name brand of the product from our extensive list of existing brands. (Contact us if you do not see the brand name of your product listed.)

7. Choose the Brand Name.

After choosing a name brand, scroll down slightly to the “Product Categories” section and choose the category or categories that are best for your product. You can choose more than one category. (Ignore the SEO box. The title and Meta Description will be pulled from your product title and description.)

8. Choose the appropriate Product Category.

Once you have chosen a category or categories, scroll down a little and choose product tags. Think of these like hashtags. Enter one tag, then click “add.” Repeat this as many times necessary until you have as many tags as you think you need.

9. Enter product tags.

To the left of the tag box, you will see the “Product data” section. This box has multiple tabs down the left side. Starting with the “General” tab, enter the “Regular price” and “Sale price” of your product. The “Regular price” should be the MSRP for the product. The “Sale price” is the price you are asking for the product. (NOTE: We recommend the “Sale price” be at least HALF of the MSPR price.)

10. Enter the MSRP as the “Regular price” and your asking price as the “Sale price.”
(NOTE: We suggest your asking price be at least 1/2 of the MSRP.)

Is your product new? New old stock? Used? Identify the condition of your product by choosing the correct badge from the “Product Badge” drop-down. This will convey the condition of the item quickly as someone is browsing through the website.

11. Choose the product condition (i.e. “New,” “New Old Stock,” “Used,” etc…) from the Product Badge drop-down.

Back to the “Product data” box, you should choose the “Inventory” tab next. Here, you will enter the SKU for the product. We recommend this be the product Model Number, actual SKU, or a unique identifier that you use in-house to identify this product.

Also, please choose “Manage Stock” to make sure we don’t sell more than your actual stock quantity of the product. Enter the “Stock Quantity” under the “Manage stock” checkbox.

12. Enter SKU and quantity on-hand in the “inventory” tab of the Product Data area.

We offer two shipping methods, by default, on — UPS and USPS Flat Rate.

To ensure UPS pricing, the “Weight” and “Dimensions” fields must be populated correctly. We suggest entering the dimension of the BOX in which you will ship the item and NOT the actual item dimensions.

For USPS Flat Rate shipping, please enter the actual shipping cost in the “Item Cost (Excl. Tax)” field. You can find USPS Flat Rate prices at

13. Enter shipping weight and dimensions (in lbs. and inches) in the “Shipping” tab of the Product Data area.
(NOTE: If you know the USPS Flat Rate, you can enter that value in the “Item Cost (Excl. Tax)” field to display the USPS Flat Rate option.

The “Product Short Description” filed is underneath the Product Data area. This is a short description that should appear in search results and will appear with the item price on the product listing page. This description should be no more than two short sentences.

14. Enter a short product description. (1-2 sentences)

Adding good product images will help sell your product. You can add the Main Product Image as well as secondary “Gallery” images. We suggest these be cropped square. If you’re taking product photos with your smart phone, you should be able to edit and crop the photo to make it square with your phone’s built-in photo viewer/editor. If you’re editing photos on your computer, there are many photo editing softwares that allow you to crop square images.

15. Add the main Product Image.
16: Choose “Upload Files” then “Select Files” to add files from your computer.
17: Browse to the file you want, then choose it to begin the upload.
18: Confirm the uploaded file, then click “Set Product Image” to save.

Although not required, adding additional product images will enhance your product listing. These images can be shots from different angles, photos of the product tags, or detail (close-up) photos of parts of the product. We highly suggest these photos be cropped square, as well.

19. Add additional product images (if needed).
20: Choose “Upload Files” then “Select Files” to add files from your computer.
21: Browse to the file you want, then choose it to begin the upload.
22: Confirm the uploaded file, then click “Add to Gallery” to save.

You also have the option to leave yourself notes on the product listing. These notes will not be visible to the customer, but will be shown to you when the product sells. These notes could be shipping methods, location of the product in your warehouse, etc… Again, you are the only one who will see these notes.

23. You have the option to add notes to yourself that will be visible only to you when the product is purchased.
24. Add your seller’s notes. (Optional.)

When you are satisfied with your product listing, please scroll back up to the top of the page and locate the blue “Submit for Review” button. Clicking this button will notify the product team that a new listing is awaiting review to be published on the site. This step keeps spam listings down, as well as allows us to fix any issues with your product before it goes live. This approval usually happens same-day, but it could take up to one full business day (24 hours) before the product appears on the website for sale.

25. Submit your product for approval by clicking the blue “Submit for Review” button.
(Our product team will review the product before it goes live. This can take up to one full business day.)

You will notice that the status of your product has changed from “Draft” to “Pending Review” after you click the blue submit button. This is how you know we have been notified of your new product.

26. Your status will change to “Pending Review” after you click the blue “Submit for Review” button.

Here is an example of how the finished product should appear on the website. You can see there different areas of text you entered and how they are displayed on the product listing.

Your product will appear, like this, on our website after it has been approved by our product review team.

Good luck with your sales! As always, we are here to help. Just contact us if you have any questions!